March 23rd 2023
Congrats to postdoctoral fellow Michael Robben, Ph.D., whose paper “Comparison of the Strengths and Weaknesses of Machine Learning Algorithms and Feature Selection on KEGG Database Microbial-Gene Pathway Annotation and its Effects on Reconstructed Network Topology” has been accepted at the Journal of Computational Biology. PhD candidate Mohammad Nasr and PhD student Avishek Das also made contributions to the paper.

March 6th 2023
Congrats to masters student Aarushi Jain for securing internship offers at Argonne National Laboratory, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, and Los Alamos National Laboratory!

March 2nd 2023
Congrats to PhD student Jillur Rahman Saurav for being selected for the highly competitive 2023 Google CS Research Mentorship Program (CSRMP)! CSRMP matches students from historically marginalized groups with peers and a Google mentor to support their pursuit of computing research pathways. Saurav was selected for this based on the strength of his preprint A SSIM Guided cGAN Architecture For Clinically Driven Generative Image Synthesis of Multiplexed Spatial Proteomics Channels.

February 15th 2023
Congrats to undergraduate Paul Koomey on being accepted to the PhD program in the School of Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon University! This is currently the number 1 ranked CS PhD program in the world.

January 19th 2023
Congrats to PhD students Mohammad Nasr and Amir Hajighasemi for having their co-first author paper Clinically Relevant Latent Space Embedding of Cancer Histopathology Slides Through Variational Autoencoder Based Image Compression accepted at the 2023 IEEE International Symposium on Biomedical Imaging (ISBI)! Visiting Assistant Professor Helen Shang, MD, MS did the clinical work for this paper and is extending it to retrospective concordance studies in the ER.

October 1st 2022
Congrats to undergraduate Paul Koomey on receving a full time job offer at Goldman Sachs! The lab is recruiting stellar UTA CS undergraduates who want to become involved in research that will jumpstart careers.

October 1st 2022
Congrats to undergraduate Paul Koomey on winning the UTA CSE undergraduate academic achievment award for having the top GPA out of 2,055 undergraduates in the department!

July 19th 2022
Congrats to postdoc Michael Robben, Ph.D. for having his paper Selection of an Ideal Machine Learning Framework for Predicting Perturbation Effects on Network Topology of Bacterial KEGG Pathways accepted at the ACM BCB CNB-MAC workshop! We are using this algorithm to perform directed evolution experiments/crispri screens to design phage that “shape” the microbiome so that it ideally synergizes with checkpoint blockade inhibitors. Michael will give a talk on this at the ACM BCB conference in Chicago next month.

April 19th 2022
Congrats to PhD Students Kelli & Anne for winning second place in the graduate research category at the annual UTA College of Engineering Innovation Day poster competition!

April 1st 2022
Welcome to our new postdoctoral fellow, Michael Robben, PhD!

March 15th 2022
Welcome Mohammad!

February 25th 2022
Congrats to lab members Kelli and Anne for being selected to give the Department of Bioengineering showcase poster at the annual UTA College of Engineering Banquet!

January 22nd 2022
Congrats to junior year undergraduate lab member and CS major Paul Koomey, who has landed a summer SWE internship at Goldman Sachs!

November 18th 2021
The Lab receives a 5 year/$2 Million dollar grant from CPRIT for developing deep learning accelerated search approaches for cancer drug discovery!

November 15th 2021
Welcome Paul!

November 10th 2021
Welcome Jai!

November 1st 2021
Welcome Avishek & Saurav!

October 15th 2021
Welcome Fiza!

September 23rd 2021
Welcome Kelli!

September 23rd 2021
Welcome Anne!

September 15th 2021
Welcome Demetra!

September 1st 2021
The lab receives a 3 year/$250,000 rising STARs grant from The University of Texas System.

September 1st 2021
The lab officially starts at The University of Texas at Arlington!