Welcome to the Luber Lab

Welcome to the Luber Research Group at the The University of Texas at Arlington. We build computational tools and frameworks that at massive scale allow for cancer imaging data to be:

  1. Contextualized in the oncology clinic to improve patient outcomes.
  2. Leveraged at the bench to augment drug discovery efforts.

The lab also focuses on developing computational and statistical methods for handling high throughput `omics data such as single cell transcriptomics/spatial transcriptomics (10X Visium & Chromium), spatial proteomics (CODEX), and calcium imaging. A one page summary of projects in the lab can be viewed here.

Specifically, focus areas are building search engines for petabyte scale cancer imaging, building interpretable deep bayesian model architectures that are relevant in the oncology clinic and make sense when used in the context of the differential diagnosis, and studying how the microbiome contributes to patient response to cancer immunotherapy.

The lab is currently supported by Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas grant RR220015 ($2,000,000; 2021-2026) and a University of Texas System Rising STARs early career faculty award ($250,000; 2021-2023).


July 8th 2024

Congratulations to postdoc Mohammad Nasr, PhD, who is off to Eli Lilly to work on their newly formed vision language model team!

July 2nd 2024

Congratulations to 3rd year PhD candidate, Jai Prakash Veerla, who has started an internship at Google Research working on vision language model safety on the Gemini Team!

May 21st 2024

Congratulations to Jai Prakash Veerla on the acceptance of his paper "SpatialVisVR - An Immersive, Multiplexed Medical Image Viewer With Contextual Similar-Patient Search" for presentation at 21st IEEE CIBCB 2024 to be held in Natal, Brazil!

May 13th 2024

Congratulations to Darji, Aarti, Hajighasemi, Amir, and Saurav, Md Jillur Rahman on the acceptance of their poster for multimodal search at the ISMB conference, within the MLCSB track. Your hard work and dedication have truly paid off!

May 7th 2024

Congratulations to Amir Hajighasemi on passing his comprehensive examination and officially becoming a PhD candidate! This marks an important milestone in his academic career. Well done, Amir!

April 30th 2024

Congratulations to Helen Shang, Yi Ding, Vidhya Venkateswaran, Kristin Boulier, Nikhita KathuriaPrakash, Parisa Boodaghi Malidarreh, Jacob M. Luber, and Bogdan Pasaniuc for their co-authored paper titled Generalizability of PGS313 for breast cancer risk in a Los Angeles biobank. This significant contribution advances our understanding of breast cancer risk assessment and highlights the potential of polygenic risk scores in diverse populations. The paper is set to appear in "Human Genetics and Genomics Advances", showcasing its importance in the field.

April 26th 2024

Congratulations to Aarushi Jain on successfully defending her masters thesis! With this significant milestone achieved, she is now set to begin her exciting journey at AMD as an ML Inference Acceleration Software Development Engineer. Best of luck, Aarushi, in your new role!

April 25th 2024

Congratulations to Helen H. Shang, Mohammad Sadegh Nasr for their co-authored paper titled Histopathology Slide Indexing and Search — Are We There Yet?. This insightful work contributes to the ongoing discussion surrounding histopathology slide indexing and search, shedding light on the current progress and potential future directions in this important area of research. The paper was published at "NEJM AI 2024", highlighting its significance in the field of artificial intelligence in medicine.

April 24th 2024

Congratulations to Md Jillur Rahman Saurav on successfully passing his comprehensive exam and advancing to the status of PhD candidate! This marks a significant milestone in his academic journey.

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