Welcome to the Luber Lab

The lab currently has funding for the recruitment of PhD students, postdoctoral research fellows, software engineers, staff scientists, masters students (thesis track only), and undergraduate students. (more info) !

Welcome to the Luber Research Group at the The University of Texas at Arlington. We build computational tools and frameworks that at massive scale allow for cancer imaging data to be:

  1. Contextualized in the oncology clinic to improve patient outcomes.
  2. Leveraged at the bench to augment drug discovery efforts.

The lab also focuses on developing computational and statistical methods for handling high throughput `omics data such as single cell transcriptomics/spatial transcriptomics (10X Visium & Chromium), spatial proteomics (CODEX), and calcium imaging.

Specifically, focus areas are building search engines for petabyte scale cancer imaging, building interpretable deep bayesian model architectures that are relevant in the oncology clinic and make sense when used in the context of the differential diagnosis, and studying how the microbiome contributes to patient response to cancer immunotherapy.

We are grateful for funding and resources from The University of Texas at Arlington, The University of Texas System Rising STARs Award (Permanent University Fund), and The Texas Advanced Computing Center (TACC) .


November 18th 2021

The Lab receives a 5 year/$2 Million dollar grant from CPRIT for developing deep learning accelerated search approaches for cancer drug discovery!

November 15th 2021

Welcome Paul!

November 10th 2021

Welcome Jai!

November 1st 2021

Welcome Avishek & Saurav!

October 15th 2021

Welcome Fiza!

September 23rd 2021

Welcome Kelli!

September 23rd 2021

Welcome Anne!

September 15th 2021

Welcome Demetra!

September 1st 2021

The lab receives a 3 year/$250,000 rising STARs grant from The University of Texas System.

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